Guests and Their Websites

    Marco Pasqua, Staff Writer; and Steve Spohn, Editor-in-Chief;

  1. - offering video game news and Reviews for disabled Gamers
  2. and Mark Barlet President and Co-founder
  3. AbleGamers Foundation –
  4. Learn the basics of game accessibility at
  5. The Evolution of Games
  7. Coverage of E3 Gaming Conference

  8. E3 Coverage Page
  9. Marco and the AbleGamers E3 wrap up
  10. Latest pictures from e3
  11. Microsoft

  12. Microsoft Xbox Main Site
  13. E3 2011 | New Kinect Ideas to Benefit Disabled Gamers?
  14. Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster
  15. Disney Universe Preview
  16. Gears of War 3 preview
  17. Tomb Raider -Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light
  18. Sony

  19. Sony Playstation Network Home Page
  20. Sony restarts PlayStation Network
  21. Call of Duty Elite Preview
  22. Rage Preview: Another Day, Another FPS
  23. BioShock Infinite
  24. Opinion: Vita, BioShock Infinite, Wii 2 and more E3
  25. Nintendo

  26. Nintendo of America Home Page
  27. E3 | Highlights of Nintendo's Press Event
  28. The New Wii U and You, Our take for people with disabilities
  29. Final Fantasy XIII-2: Interview and Break Down
  30. Tera Preview with Chris Hager
  31. iOS

  32. Machine Gun Jetpack for iOS
  33. Other Gaming Resources

  36. Tech Chats Made Possible Through Technology from Serotek Corporation

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  40. DocuScan Plus Afordable and Powerful OCR Solution
  41. Serotek Corporation - System Access Screen reader, SAMNet, docuScan Plus, Remote Incident Manager, iBlink for the iPhone, and Accessible Event
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  43. AccessibleEvent Makes Meetings and Webinars Accessible to the blind, Deaf, and Deaf-Blind
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