Victor Reader Stream Resources from Humanware

    This Accessible Event online webinar sponsored by Serotek, is hosted by Michael Lauf of Serotek and Gerry Chevalier from HumanWare. Participants will learn about the wealth of content available through Serotek's System Access Mobile Network (SAMNet) and how you can easily transfer that content directly to your Victor Reader Stream. Learn how to download described movies, podcasts, and even NLS books to your Stream all within the easy to use SAMNet interface. Whatever content you find on SAMNet is loaded directly to the appropriate bookshelf on your Stream. No need to download first to your computer or unzip files, or create folders on the Stream. SAMNet does it all!

    Information for Stream users

  1. Stream Documentation
  2. Stream FAQ comprehensive knowledge base for Stream users
  3. Where to find content on the Internet to play on your Stream
  4. Latest Stream software version 3.2 and HumanWare Companion
  5. New $49 Stream SoftPak
  6. Visit the Blog and Podcast for the Latest on Assistive Technology
  7. Start Today Your 7 Day Free Trial of System Access Screen Reader and All the Great SAMNet Content by Visiting
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