Twitter - What is it, and Why Should We Make It A Part of Our Life?

the October 29 topic was Twitter; the programs we can use with Windows, Mac, iPhone and Windows Mobile phones. Why should you bother? Twitter has become the method to stay up on the latest news and information, stay in touch with family and friends, make new friends and acquaintances, and yes, even find employment.

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  2. Follow SeroTalk on Twitter by Going to
  3. Our panel of guests included Randy Rusnak, Assistive Technology Trainer in Duluth Minnesota, and producer of

  4. Accessible Devices Blog and Podcast
  5. and we were also joined by Dr. robert Carter, Psychologist and tech guy, located in College Station Texas.

    Getting Signed Up!

    Some people are getting hung up on the capcha required to sign up.
  6. Solona lets you submit capchas for a human to read, and then sends you the text on the page.
  7. Webvisum plugin for Firefox allowing capchas to be read and sent back to your clipboard
  8. Software for Windows

  9. Qwitter Lets You Send and Receive Tweets From anywhere In Windows, is Well-documented, and Offers Sound Packs for Different Events
  10. Download McTwit by jamal Mazrui With Many Features and Hotkeys for Each Function
  11. TwInbox add-in for Microsoft Outlook 2003 and 2007 with powerful searching capabilities
  12. Twitter Apps for the iPhone

  13. Updated list of accessible apps for the iPhone From
  14. Nine different applications were reviewed in a 111 minute podcast of the
  15. Screenless Switchers Blog and Podcast
  16. Note: the next five links are direct links to iPhone apps and will take you to the iTunes store:
  17. Download Boxcar, an application that pushes direct messages from Twitter plus keyword searches at a one-time fee of $1.99 per query
  18. Download Tweetero free app with time stamping of messages
  19. Download Twittelator Pro - the first app adopted by users of the VoiceOver Screen Reader for the iPhone
  20. Download TwitVid, allowing you to send video tweets with the iPhone's built-in camera
  21. Download VoiceTweety, allowing you to send voice tweets up to 10MB or about 20 minutes of audio
  22. Number One Twitter App for Mac Users

  23. Syrinx Twitter client offering the greatest accessibility for the Mac
  24. App for Windows Mobile Users

  25. Twikini, for users of Windows Mobile devices
  26. Choosing People, Organizations and Businesses to Folow

    The best part of Twitter, is that it's always your choice to follow the people and organizations that interest you. Here's just a few entities:

    Blindness and Low Vision

  27. RSS feed of SeroTalk's tweets
  28. blind Bargains
  29. Blind cool Tech
  30. FredsHead From APH
  31. U.S. News Organizations

  32. ABC News
  33. CBS News
  34. CNN - Cable News Network
  35. fox News
  36. NBC News
  37. NPR News From National Public Radio
  38. Miscelaneous

  39. ARS Technica - Technology News
  40. CoastToCoastAM
  41. U.s. Product Recalls From

This doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of the thousands of interesting organizations, and milllions of interesting people using Twitter. We hope you will see the benefit in adding this most valuable service to your life, to keep you informed, and in touch with those you care about.

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