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  1. Wade Wingler, Director of Assistive Technology
  2. Easter Seals Crossroads -
  3. Follow @INDATAProject on Twitter
  4. Jeff Bishop
  6. Twitter: @JeffBishop
  7. Kelly Ford
  9. Apple

  10. Apple to launch iPhone 5 simultaneously with AT&T, Verizon and Sprint
  11. T-Mobile to get iPhone 5 as well
  12. Very Useful Voiceover getting started guide for Lion
  13. Apple offers buyback program for old iPhone, iPad and Macs
  14. Tim Cook: Apple's new CEO
  15. New Apple CEO Tim Cook’s Message to Employees
  16. Steve Jobs on stage. Video Highlights
  17. Text of resignation letter from Steve Jobs
  18. Text of Apple's press release on Jobs' resignation
  19. Steve Jobs resigns as Apple CEO, Tim Cook takes over
  20. Mobile Device News

  21. Industry reactions to DOJ's blockage of AT&T/T-Mobile merger
  22. New AT&T texting plans: unlimited or nothing
  23. Video, SMS support coming soon to emergency ’911' services
  24. Android makers: Why not stick a 'sue me' sign on your back
  25. Google

  26. Google Plus Keyboard Accessibility
  27. Google+ privacy controls
  28. ACB/Google survey on computer usage
  29. Google adds voice search to Maps for Chrome Users
  30. Google jumps into the classroom with Chromebooks
  31. FCC Reinstates Video Description Mandates

  32. FCC votes 4-0 and releases TV video description reinstatement rules
  33. FCC requires 50 hours audio description per quarter by major market tv networks by 7/2012
  34. PDF from National Association of TV Broadcasters on new video description rules
  35. Emergency Preparedness

  36. Emergency Procedures For Blind and Low Vision
  37. Emergency Preparedness and Your Guide or Service Dog
  38. Essential tech to pack in your To Go Bag
  39. Emergency Numbers Built into Every Cell Phone
  40. Create an Emergency Road Kit for Your Car
  41. Find a Red Cross Shelter Online or IOS Device
  42. Prepare for Disaster with a 72-Hour Kit
  43. 178 audio NOAA Weather Radio Feeds from Weather underground
  44. Windows 8

  45. Microsoft shows off its 'Ribbonized' Windows 8 file-management interface
  46. Microsoft details Windows 8 Explorer Layout
  47. Windows 8 design departs from Mac OS X Lion
  48. Exciting new changes coming with Windows 8
  49. Windows 8 to support .ISO and .VHD files, and a Look at the Windows Explorer UI
  50. Blindness in the Press

  51. Possible Cuts to SSI Checks for Children with Disabilities
  52. U.S. lawmakers alarmed over risks of insulin pump hacks
  53. London 2012 Paralympics
  54. Blind Woman Throws Out First Pitch at Dodgers Game
  55. Accessibility issues while banking? Claims Accepted in Wells Fargo Settlement
  56. Blind adventurer recaps the sixth episode of ABC’s Expedition Impossible
  57. Blind woman who campaigns against nuclear weapons faces jail
  58. Court Rules in Favor of JetBlue – Airline Websites and Kiosks Not Covered by State Law
  59. Deanna Jones, Vermont law student taking the bar exam wins federal case
  60. American Idol finalist Scott MacIntyre will release a book in 2012 about his life
  61. KBS hires a visually-impaired news anchor
  62. Story Explaining Vision Rehabilitation
  63. Josh Stundon, Blind skateboarder and Pianist
  64. iPad Today Episode 58: Accessibility Apps
  65. Allegations of gang rape & more at Hawaii Center for Deaf & Blind
  66. Anti-piracy lawyers accuse blind man of downloading porn
  67. Blind CSI investigator honored by TV counterparts in Marin
  68. Dennis Howard, 62 and legally blind prepares to sail the world solo
  69. Cnn International: Blind' man to sail around the world alone
  70. Bionic eye comes to market in Europe
  71. Going Blind Movie
  72. Accessibility Enhancements

  73. Nuance Acquires Loquendo
  74. NVDA 2011.2 released
  75. Special ninite software installer page including only accessible software plus NVDA
  76. Experimental Online Braille Translation Site
  77. Toolkit from CSUN for making all types of electronic content accessible
  78. InfoEyes Helps People Find Information
  79. See What Your Website Looks Like to the Blind with the Fangs Screen Reader Emulator
  80. Camera Mouse free head-tracking assistive software
  81. New Mobile App for Patients with Diabetes
  82. Raspbery Pie $25 Computer: 700MHz ARM11, 128 or 256MB SDRAM, OpenGL ES 2.0, 1080p, Composite and HDMI video, USB2.0
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