This Month in Access Tech for June 2011


  1. Damon Rose
  2. Steve Nutt
  3. Darragh Ó Héiligh
  6. Apple

  7. iOS5 List of Most Major New Features for iPhone and iPad
  8. How to set custom vibration alerts on iOS 5
  9. iOS 5 imposes minor feature limitations on iPhone 3GS
  10. Apple Reverses Course On In-App Subscriptions
  11. U.S. iPhone 4 Unlocked for $649
  12. US ‘federal government ditches BlackBerry, embraces Apple iPads
  13. Mac OS X 10.6.8 is out, and you need it for Lion
  14. You can burn the App Store version of OS X Lion to a DVD
  15. 3 iPhone optical character recognition apps compared
  16. Great list of accessible iPad/iPhone Apps
  17. Ariadne GPS app offers innovative features for blind iPhone users
  18. Apple exploring 'proactive' iPhone security methods for stolen hardware
  19. Next iPhone to begin production in August
  20. Google

  21. Google Rolls Out - What Do You Love
  22. How to control computers remotely with your Android phone (great for tech support
  23. Google building Skype-like software into Chrome
  24. Google Launches Tool for Online Reputation Management
  25. 50 killer apps for your new Chromebook
  26. Learn more from TheChromeSource WebSite –
  27. Samsung ChromeBook White – $499 from
  28. Baby I Can Drive My Car!

  29. Nevada prepares itself for the imminent rise of driverless cars
  30. TED talks a car for the vision impaired
  31. Car Show for the Visually Impaired Need Not Be Seen to Be Appreciated Car & Driver Blog Post
  32. Microsoft

  33. The Changing landscape, review of Windows 8 build 7989
  34. Microsoft Office 2010 Service Pack 1 available
  35. Microsoft launches Office 365: What you need to know
  36. Skype

  37. Skype 5.3 without Extras Manager; can't record calls or use SkypeTalking
  38. Skype 5.5 Beta delivers deeper Facebook integration
  39. Skype confirms native iPad app coming with video chat
  40. US Congress To Begin using Skype
  41. Miscelaneous Tech

  42. Code Factory releases TV Speak for Windows in the USA! Try free for 30 days?
  43. NV Access receives a Mozilla grant to further push accessibility on the web
  44. Vinux 3.2 released, an Ubuntu-based OS optimised for blind & visually impaired users
  45. Firefox 5.0
  46. Accessible Twitter” is now “Easy Chirp
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  51. DocuScan Plus Afordable and Powerful OCR Solution
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