SeroTalk Tech Chat 99: Access Tech for April 2011


Rachel Schroeder, Peter Bossley and Mike Calvo


  1. Researchers raise privacy concerns over location tracking in Apple’s iOS4
  2. Apple hit with class-action suit over iPhone in-app game currency purchases
  3. WearaBraille, a virtual wireless Braille keyboard, with an iPhone and VoiceOver
  4. Apple adjusts top apps ranking criteria
  5. Zoom Reader OCR App for iPhone 4
  6. Android

  7. Haptic GPS shoes for the visually impaired
  8. Google Goggles with vOICe for Android is helping blind people to see
  9. Request accessibility to Navigon’s Android GPS app by emailing
  10. my experiences as I learn my way with Android by Steve Sawczyn
  11. Skype for Android opens up 3G calling on all U.S. carriers
  12. Android CyanogenMod 7 is out
  13. Accessibility

  14. Students create affordable eye-tracking tablet for the disabled
  15. Web Ex: Learning how to test with Screen Readers
  16. 5 Ways to Ensure Your Site Is Accessible to the Visually Impaired
  17. Mozilla launches the Aurora Channel for new Accessibility features in Firefox
  18. FCC first national program giving deaf-blind access to communications
  19. PDF) Tactile display for the visually impaired using TeslaTouch
  20. Web site with Information on Cell Phone Accessibility
  21. Saving and Restoring Sight

  22. When the Blind Can Suddenly See, Do They Know What They’re Looking At?
  23. Algae Could Treat Blindness
  24. FDA clears first implantable telescope for vision
  25. Seeing” with your tongue – sensory substitution using an alternative to the retinal chip
  26. NAVI project turns Kinect into a set of eyes for the visually impaired
  27. Mainstream Tech

  28. Internet Broadcasters: SWCast Shut Down for Not Paying royalties to Sound Exchange
  29. SSL And The Future Of Authenticity
  30. Microsoft launches first Internet Explorer 10 preview
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