Tech Chat 95 for March 31, 2011


Peter bossley and Joe Steinkamp


  1. AT&T Buying T-Mobile for $39 Billion
  2. Senator asks FCC and DOJ to examine AT&T’s purchase of T-Mobile
  3. AT&T Slashes Prepaid Pay As You Go Plan Prices
  4. AT&T shames unauthorized phone tetherers, gives ultimatum
  5. AT&T to introduce data caps on DSL and Uverse services
  6. Apple Updates

  7. Apple releases Mac OS X 10.6.7
  8. Apple releases iOS 4.3.1
  9. Apple TV 4.2.1 update released to address screen flickering issues
  10. Apple sues Amazon over use of ‘App Store’ trademark
  11. All With My iPhone Episode 26 – LookTel Money Reader
  12. Android Developments

  13. Accessible Event Tech Chat 93: Android and Mobile Accessibility from CodeFactory
  14. J.J. Meddaugh Launches with Accessible Android Apps
  15. TalkBack for Android Refreshed with Accessible On-Screen Keyboard And More
  16. Sendero LookAround will be coming to Android
  17. Serotek TownHall Meeting on March 30, 2011
  18. Mozilla Considering Making an Accessible Version of Firefox Web Browser for Android
  19. Tech Chat 94: CSUN 2011 Highlights and Disappointments
  20. Cyanogen Mod for Android
  21. Three blind Browsers

  22. Internet Explorer 9 reviewed
  23. ZoomText 9.19.1 is Released, but No Mention of Support for IE9
  24. Detailed review of Mozilla Firefox 4 for Windows
  25. Download the WebVisum Firefox extension Current version: 0.8 for Firefox Version 4
  26. Chrome 11 with Speech Input
  27. Google

  28. Court rejects the Google Books settlement
  29. NFB comments on the rejection of the Google books settlement
  30. NFB Says Adoption of Google Apps Program Discriminates Against the Blind
  31. Bing’s search engine share continues to rise, up to 13.6%. Google still tops at 65.4%
  32. Yap alternative voicemail transcription service to Google voice
  33. Miscelaneous Assistive Technology Stories

  34. iVote, allowing Australians to vote via the phone or internet
  35. Code Factory PC software to make Digital Television Accessible
  36. Ipplex Releases $1.99 LookTel Money Reader for iOS Devices
  37. NVDA 2011.1 released
  38. Blind Bargains Hands On With DocuScan Plus
  39. Tech Chats Made Possible Through Technology from Serotek Corporation

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