Accessible and Affordable Gifts for Blind and Low vision Persons

    Our guests include

  1. Danny Beemer With the Wabash Independent Living & Learning Center in Terre Haute Indiana
  2. J.J. Meddaugh and Matt McCubbin, with the premier online resource for bargains of interest to the blind and low vision,
  4. Blind Bargains 2009 Holiday Shipping Guide: Get it by Christmas
  5. - We Make Your Phone Talk - A Premier Licensed Code Factory and KNFB Reader Distributor
  6. Danny's Top Picks

    Through grants, Danny travels to the homes of persons in a few counties in southern Indiana and Illinois, and is able to provide useful products costing under $60. Based on his work, his top choices are:

  7. 5x Handheld Magnifier
  8. 2010 Large Print Monthly/Weekly Planner
  9. Travel Moshi Talking Alarm Clock for $24.95
  10. Accessible Games

  11. Bop It $14.99
  12. Say What Unscramble Famous Phrases - $14.99
  13. Freeze Up Category Game - $24.98
  14. Jenga 54 Block Game - $10.99 on Sale At
  15. Braille Books, Games and toys

  16. Djornskov Sells Hand-made Braille Books, Games and Toys by Adding Braille to the Items - Many Under $10
  17. Subscriptions to accessible Entertainment Websites

  18. Zone BBS - Several Games, Message Boards, Audio Profiles, Voice Chat and More - ($20/Year Special
  19. AllInPlay $49.95 for One Year Special Through December 24 - $30 Off - Holdem, Draw Poker, Crazy Eights, Blackjack Plus Two Word Games
  20. Blind Adrenaline - Holdem, Blackjack, Hearts, Draw Poker, Euchre - $39.50 Per Year
  21. Sound Gift Ideas

  22. Great Deals on Memory Cards for Your BookSense, Victor Stream, Computer, or Phone
  23. Disney DVD Movie "Up" With Audio Description - $16.99
  24. 100 MP3 Albums from Amazon for Only $5 Each
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