Joining us for October 2010 in access technology are Jim Fruchterman, Curtis Chong, Joe Steinkamp and Michael Lauf

Possible Top Stories for October 2010

  1. Specifics of 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act
  2. Text of 21st Century Communications Act
  3. Divorce of GW Micro and HIMS
  4. Verizon and T-mobile to follow AT&T’s tiered data pricing
  5. what's New at Microsoft

  6. Windows 7 Home Premium 3 PCLicenses for $149 while They Last
  7. Windows Phone 7 Arrives Without Accessibility
  8. Ray Ozzy Leaves Microsoft, Telling them to Think Beyond Windows and Office
  9. Office 365 Web Based Apps
  10. Windows 7 Sells 240 Million in first year of release
  11. Inaccessible Microsoft Office 11 for Mac
  12. Apple Products and Strategies

  13. First Look at Apple's new Mac OS X 10.7 Lion
  14. Mac OS X 10.7 Lion with Apps store
  15. Apple unveils two new, instant-on MacBook Airs starting at $999: Could This be a Mainstream Notetaker
  16. New MacBook Air features USB software reinstall drive: Speech from BootUp?
  17. Apple announces iLife 11 with Accessible Garage Band, and FaceTime for the Mac: Finally! Free Accessible Software for Blind Musicians, audio Engineers and Audio Production Specialists
  18. Apple awarded 18 multi-touch patents: What does This Mean for Competing Accessible Touch Screen Technologies?
  19. iPhone 4 nearly twice as prone to accidental screen damage
  20. Google News and Issues

  21. Google Cars Drive Themselves in Traffic: Does This Compete with, or Complement the NFB's Efforts?
  22. ABC, CBS and NBC Networks block Google TV
  23. Latest in Ebooks and Online Reading Portals

  24. Aaccessibility review of the Amazon Kindle 3 by Ricky enger and Colleagues
  25. Amazon E-book lending with the Kindle
  26. Blio Disappoints on Many Levels, at Least for Now
  27. Bookshare: Publishers now the main source of content, Adding 25,000 titles over six months, and Now 100,000 users
  28. Post-Secondary Accessible Materials Commission
  29. Software Updates

  30. JAWS 12 Released
  31. October 2010 Patch Tuesday came with most updates and restarts ever
  32. Ubuntu 10.10 for Linux Released
  33. List of Accessible Android Apps
  34. Page of Open Source Software and Projects Created by Jamal Mazrui
  35. Qwitter Client for Twitter Version 4.51
  36. Skype 5.0 For Windows Debuts With Facebook Integration, Call Recovery And More
  37. OBI DAISY Open Source authoring Tool
  38. Web Accessibility

  39. Drupal 7 Web Site Creation Accessibility
  40. Google Chrome 7
  41. Image accessibility and LONGDESC being dropped from HTML5
  42. 6 Books for learning HTML5
  43. Other Stories of Interest

  44. Web site to follow the development of the Braille Wizard
  45. Future touch screens could provide tactile feedback
  46. New system may allow blind people to navigate by touch
  47. Data portability and friend groups come to Facebook: But Can We Access and Utilize Them?
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