SeroTalk Tech Chat 94: CSUN 2011 Highlights and Disappointments


  1. Jeffrey Stark
  2. Citizen's With Disabilities Ontario
  3. Darrell Shandrow
  4. Blind Access Journal blog and Podcast
  5. Audio Interviews

  6. CSUN 2011 audio Interviews by J.J. meddaugh with Blind Bargains
  7. CSUN 2011 Audio Interviews conducted by Michael lauf with SeroTalk
  8. Items Mentioned by Many During CSUN2011 Event

  9. BookShare Read2Go iOS app Submitted to Apple
  10. Code Factory Mobile Accessibility for Android
  11. U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing Seeks Feedback for Tactile currency
  12. AmbuTech Announces $120 iGlasses That Vibrate When Objects Are Nearby
  13. $19.99 ZoomReader OCR for iPhone 4 and iPod touch submitted to Apps Store and coming Soon
  14. Partnership Between and
  15. LookTell Money Identifier and Forthcoming Product Identification App
  16. Glimpse at the Orion Notetaker running on Android, Replacing Braille and Icon from Levelstar
  17. DocuScan Plus and the HoverCam Document Camera for PC and Mac
  18. Other Interesting CSUN 2011 Developments

  19. Blio Reader, Accessible, or is it?
  20. combo CCTV and OCR in one
  21. Talking PC maps
  22. APH Rebirths Wayfinder Access as AviNav
  23. 6dot Braille Labeler
  24. Tactile, Braille Mouse
  25. CAIT Aiming to Introduce More Affordable Technology
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