Our guests are Mike Calvo, Ricky Enger, Deborah Kendrick and Marti Hatthorn.

    Resources for Reading to Your Children

  1. National Braille Press: Children's Book Club
  2. Seedlings Braille and Print/Braille Books
  3. Blind parenting Resources

  4. BookShare Book - Hands-on Parenting: A Resource Guide for Parents who are Blind or Partially Sighted
  5. NFB: Parenting without Site
  6. Blind Parenting email Lists

  7. BlindParenting Mailing List on Yahoo Groups
  8. NFB: Blind Parents Mailing list
  9. News stories on Blind Parents Losing Custody, and Being Investigated by Child and Family Services

  10. Advocate Says blind Disabled Parents Stripped of Rights Over Safety Concerns
  11. Missouri Blind Couple Reunited With Baby Daughter Taken Away For 57 Days
  12. Blind Missouri couple may sue over baby seizure
  13. California Child Protective Services Attempt Seizure of Baby from San Mateo Blind Couple
  14. Articles Written by Deborah Kendrick

  15. Deborah Kendrick, a Cincinnati free-lance writer, nationally recognized advocate for people with disabilities
  16. Product Information

  17. Directions for Me, from Horizons for the Blind, provides packaging information, preparation instructions, ingredient lists, nutrition Facts, and labels for many common grocery, health, and beauty products
  18. Tech Chats Made Possible Through Technology from Serotek Corporation

  19. Visit the Blog and Podcast for the Latest Access Technology Information
  20. Email Your Comments, Suggestions, and Ideas for Future Tech Chats and Podcast Segments
  21. Download iBlink Radio, Free App for the iPhone, with Radio Stations and Podcasts Created by the blind, Plus Radio Information Service Audio
  22. Serotek Corporation - System Access Screen reader, System Access Mobile Network, (SAMNet)< Remote Incident Manager, iBlink for the iPhone, and Accessible Event
  23. Try a Free Fully Functional Seven Day Trial of System Access and SAMNet Today by going to
  24. AccessibleEvent Makes Meetings and Webinars Accessible to the blind, Deaf, and Deaf-Blind
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